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Rescue Systems 3

Rescue Systems 3 is a 24 hour, California State Fire Training  approved course.  This class is designed to bridge the training gap between the California State Fire Training Rescue Systems 2: Advanced Rescue Skills course and the Federal Emergency Management Agency Structural Collapse Technician (SCT) course. 


Key Topics include: powder actuated tools, additional shore construction including pneumatic shores, additional tools and techniques for breaking and breaching including suspended breaching and breaking, cutting a tensioned cable, the “O” course, rigging, and crane operations.


Prerequisites: Rescue Systems 2, Confined Space Rescue Technician, Trench Rescue Technician, Hazardous Materials (Operations Level)  

Students are required to bring the following equipment to class every day.


  • Fire department helmet or rescue helmet

  • Rope rescue or fire department gloves

  • Long pants or coveralls

  • Steel toed and shanked safety boots

  • Long sleeve shirts ONLY


Optional Equipment:


  • Water

  • Sun screen

Prerequisites: LARRO, RS1, RS2, Trench Rescue

Please download the following prior to class:

Total Cost: $895

(Course Tuition $820 + Mandatory SFT Fee $75)


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