Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational

Areas covered include rope and related equipment, anchor systems, safety lines, stretcher lashing and rigging, mechanical advantage systems, and single-line and two-line rescue systems.

Confined Space Rescue Technician

This course is an intensive hands-on training program that will prepare you to respond to confined space emergencies.


Rescue Systems 1

Key topics include: Team organization, rescue, and environmental considerations, use of ropes, knots, rigging and pulley systems, descending, rappelling, and belaying tools and techniques, and day and night simulated rescue exercises.

Rescue Systems 2

Key topics include: Structural building types, wood & mechanical shores, crib capacities, floor weight calculations, building search, confined space considerations, structure hazard assessment, use of power tools, air bags and USAR ICS.


Rescue Systems 3

Key Topics include: powder actuated tools, additional shore construction including pneumatic shores, additional tools and techniques for breaking and breaching including suspended breaching and breaking, cutting a tensioned cable, the “O” course, rigging, and crane operations.


Rope Rescue Technician

With Low-Angle Rope Rescue Operational (LARRO) & Rescue Systems-1 as pre-requisites, this course focuses on a higher level of technical rope rigging systems, Incident management, High-Angle Rescue Systems and associated hazards, critical thinking and implementation of victim access options and rescue transport options.

Trench Rescue Technician

Key topics include: Trench & Excavation Regulations, Understanding Soil, Trench Configurations, Trench Hazards, Rescue Team Preparation, Incident Response, Shoring Systems and Components, Installation of Shoring Systems and Victim Rescue.

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