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Rope Rescue Technician

This five day course is designed to meet certification requirements for Rope Rescue Technician based on NFPA 1006, 2013 edition.  This training will include the participants ability to evaluate, manage, and perform a technical rope rescue as described by NFPA 1006 and NFPA 1670. 


Topics: multi-point anchor systems, compound rope mechanical advantage systems, ascending and descending a fixed rope, fixed rope systems, patient pickoffs and highline systems.  Prepares participants to undergo competency testing for high angle rescue.  The scope is to 1) familiarize participants with the high angle environment and experience and 2) to safely participate in the engineering and operation of simple to complex rescue systems.

Student Requirements:
Students are required to bring the following equipment to class every day.

  • Fire department helmet or rescue helmet

  • Rope rescue or fire department gloves

  • Long pants or coveralls – NO SHORTS

  • Steel toed and shanked safety boots

  • Long sleeve shirts ONLY

Optional Equipment:

  • Water

  • Sun screen

Prerequisite:  Rescue Systems 1 (2009) and Low Angle Rope Rescue Operations (LARRO) OR Rescue Systems 1 (prior to 2009)

Please download the following prior to class:

Total Cost: $1200

(Course Tuition $1125 + Mandatory SFT Fee $75)


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