Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational

LARRO is a 24-hour CA State Fire Marshal certified course taught in a three-day format.  Designed to equip the student with the techniques and methods for using rope, webbing, hardware friction devices, litters in low angle rescue situations.  Areas covered include rope and related equipment, anchor systems, safety lines, stretcher lashing and rigging, mechanical advantage systems, and single-line and two-line rescue systems.

NCRT can travel to your area to deliver LARRO as needed.

Student Requirements:
Students are required to bring the following equipment to class every day.

  • Fire department helmet or rescue helmet

  • Rope rescue or fire department gloves

  • Long pants or coveralls – NO SHORTS

  • Steel toed and shanked safety boots

  • Long sleeve shirts ONLY

  • Appropriate face covering - NO EXCEPTIONS!

Optional Equipment:

  • Water

  • Sun screen

NOTE: This class is a prerequisite prior to attending Rescue Systems I.

Please click here to download a LARRO Student Manual prior to class.

Total Cost: $330

(Course Tuition $305 + Mandatory SFT Fee $75)


None at this time

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Orinda, CA 94563-2502






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